“Rose?” by Wendy Lessick Bookatz 2018      Music by Dustin Bookatz

This video was made by Wendy Lessick Bookatz for Tropfest Film Festival 2018. Music by Dustin Bookatz. The Tropfest Signature Item was “Rose”. This offering was not selected to be included in the festival. Wendy invites you to share this film (2.26 mins). Genre: droll.

Documentary by producer, director, cinematographer, editor Wendy Lessick Bookatz  Interviewee Victoria Nadel  Music FourPlay String Quartet

Things Would Have Been So Different Had Lionel Returned, was made as my major media project in 2015 for in my media degree at Southern Cross University. It is a seventeen-minute documentary about the effects of war on a New Zealand family. The entire film from inception to completion was made over 14 weeks. I acted as producer, director, cinematographer, editor and sound technician. The film was shown at the Sydney Jewish Museum at the New South Wales Australian Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women (NAJEX) Remembrance Day Commemoration event on Sunday 8 November 2015. “I found this powerful and emotional film enthralling. It is a moving personal tribute that weaves in profound issues that transcend the personal aspect” (Roger Selby secretary NAJEX 2015). Running time 17.58 minutes.

MAYA MICHAEL “RECYCLE UPCYCLE” (2013) This short film was made with an iPhone.

Advertisement SAY CHEESE, EAT YOUR GREENS & WOBBLE (2014) with Eloise Hairman & Brett Pillemer.